Congresswoman Lee has been vocal about her support for the 99 percent

"The most effective anti-poverty program is an effective jobs program. When a family in poverty gains a living wage job with good benefits, that family stops relying on government services and begins to pay into the tax base instead of drawing from it." –Barbara Lee

The economic downturn experienced by most has exposed how vulnerable many people are. As the Occupy movement has underscored by direct actions all across our country, the wealth disparity continues to widen at alarming rates.

Our governmental spending patterns for Fiscal Year 2012 reveal a troubling hierarchy of priorities: we plan to spend more money on the military than we do on education, the environment, agriculture, community development and science and technology combined. The foreclosure crisis continues to leave people in our neighborhoods homeless. It is a moral imperative that our government get involved to help those who struggle to make ends meet.

A Record Of Fighting Poverty

Congresswoman Lee is dedicated to working towards a comprehensive solution to address the root causes of poverty. She believes we must further invest in programs that prioritize support for public education, career development, childcare for working parents, fair and affordable housing, universal healthcare and a living wage for all workers.

She is the founder and co-chair of the Congressional Out-of-Poverty Caucus which seeks to raise awareness about the need to fight poverty, hunger, and homelessness in America. Congresswoman Lee is actively working to advance legislation that will promote poverty eradication in America.

Taking Action Against Poverty

Congresswoman Lee believes that one way of helping those who are currently struggling is through targeted tax cuts that help middle and low income families. In addition, she has been a leader in the fight to extend unemployment assistance for the long-term unemployed, and has worked to assist state governments that have been burdened with rising Medicare costs and expensive federal mandates.