Arts and Culture


Barbara Lee believes that the vitality of our cities depends on local arts organizations

"Art, music and sports are essential to our sense of identity, community, and pride."
– Barbara Lee

The cities in our congressional district have one signature export in common—creativity. The Thirteenth Congressional District deserves a thriving arts economy that supports a greater numbers of artists.

A lifelong lover of architecture and music (and a pianist), Congresswoman Lee is involved in the promotion of the arts and arts education for all school-aged children. She recognizes that exposure to arts and culture enriches the lives of our youth, and gives them a productive outlet in which to express themselves.

Protecting Non-Profits

In our congressional district, we need to find ways to support arts organizations by creating more affordable opportunities for non-profit organizations to thrive.

In addition, the communities in our District need to support the business success of arts organizations. We must protect the arts business districts of Oakland and Berkeley and support those artist enclaves and co-ops in Alameda, Albany, Emeryville, Piedmont, and San Leandro.

We must recognize that an arts economy is important not only for the jobs it brings, but for the joy it brings to our communities. We must reinforce our commitment to the arts by encouraging street performers and incentivizing smaller arts organizations to work collaboratively to spur new development and investment in our communities.